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Airfiltration dubai –The Superlative Air Filtration System Provider

We are 9 years old firm and have solid team of experts who are wellaware of industrial air filtration system for different needs. The team meticulously works on the concept and comp up with new concept that fit present need of air filtration solution. Because of its continuous endeavor airfiltration dubai has become one of the leader in the market and striving hard to be on the top.

The company has an array of solutions for industrial kitchen and it includes air filter solutions like:

Commercial air filters, electrostatic purification system, ecology air filtration system, carbon air filters, Odor Neutralizer ESON100, Kitchen Air Ventilation, Canister carbon filter, air handling unit, water tank cooling system and there is a huge range.

Why Choose Air Filtration Solution in UAE From Us

We are one of the leading suppliers of industrial air filtration. And we have products that meet the need of present days, but if this is not enough for you to get stick with our products, then here we give you some more reasons for choosing us

We Offer The Best Price – Out filtration systems are low cost and packed with lots of powerful features. The prices have been kept low in-order to maximize our reach.

Easy To Install System – Each of our system has been designed in way that it does not require much efforts and workforce to install it.

Low Maintenance – The maintenance cost of our systems are also less in compare to competitors.

Our Missions

Our mission you to design unrivaled industrial air filtration that make the placed place healthy and comfy space.


We work with an objective to manufacture and deliver the world class filtration system that successfully meets the present day needs.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Exhaust Air Cleaners, Filters, Purifiers,

Ecologic Kitchen Air Filtration System will solve your problems caused by smoke, grease and odors whether inside or outside the building solving with the use of solid and all-inclusive Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System. Our Air Purification Unit install between ducting from the Kitchen Hood to the exhaust fan, which can be install in a crawl space or bolted between ceiling rafters.

we gives you solutions economically compliance with environmental standards. Smoke and grease are removed from the air as it passes through the filters.Smoke and grease vapors are pulled up the fireproof ducts and it leads to the Filtration Unit inside the building. Kitchen smoke and grease vapor are pulled up to the hood. Clean air flows out of the filtration and building, which will passes through ducts leading to the blower. Hood will exhaust the kitchen smoke and grease vapor.

Because of our technical staff's knowledge, we're ready to provide our customers our cooperation within the review of essential and fresh tasks using the aid of very sophisticated technical resources like the CFD software evaluation. We deal in all types of air filtration products like electrostatic air cleaner

Smoke and grease vapors are exhausted by fireproof ducts that lead to the Filtration Unit outside the building. Filters will remove the smoke and grease from the air. Clean air flows out of the filtration unit and the Exhaust Fan.