Carbon Filters

Carbon Air Filters

Air Filter provide electrostatic air filter equipped with activated carbon filter. It is to add an activated

It is to add an activated carbon box beside electrostatic air filter. The exhaust smoke passes through electrostatic air filter first and then enter activated carbon filter. If you have high requirement on smell & odor removal, then you can ask us to supply the activated carbon for you or you can buy it in your local Market. It is quite easy to install our electrostatic air filter and activated carbon filter in the same system. You just need to connect air duct with electrostatic air filter first and then connect activated carbon filter later. But we kindly suggest you choose exhaust fan with big pressure drop, since there will be some pressure added by activated carbon filters..

Air Carbon Filters- A New Concept of Cleaning Air

The air carbon filter and air purifier is a device that removes impurities and contamination from the air in the room. These are the devices that are popularly marketed as being beneficial to those who suffer from allergy or asthma. It is also marketed as a device that reduces or eliminates the second-hand tobacco smoke.

Air carbon filters– These are filters that are also known as smoke masters. In this filter activated carbon is used to filter the impure air. The activated carbons are the porous material that has the ability to adsorb volatile chemicals. It filters the air following the process of changing contaminants from the state of gaseous tosolid phase, when aggravated or disturbed contaminants can be regenerated in indoor air sources. The use of activated carbon in commercial setup is prevalent since long time and now air carbon filters in UAE are used in commercial setups. Normally, it is used in association with other filter technology.

The airfiltrationdubai offers the world class smoke masters at an affordable price and it is really easy to install in any setup.

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