Ecology Unit


The required air capacity of the Vianen Ecology Unit is to be based on the kitchen equipment that is, or has to be,

installed in the specific connected kitchen area. The exhaust ductwork of multiple kitchens can be connected to a single Ecology Unit.

  • 1- Pre-filters Stainless steel pre-filter. Used for safety and the capture of large air-borne particles. Used to create an even distribution of air when arriving at the bag filters.
  • 2- Bag filters High efficiency pleated bag filters. With a medium consisting of glass fibre, these filters are used to filter the finer particles from the air stream.
  • 3- Electrostatic Precipitator The use of an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) ensures a filtration for the even finer particles. ESP’s are designed to maintain high filtration efficiencies under heavy loads. Possible multistage operation for high smoke generating equipment
  • 4-Activated Carbon Filtration of gaseous molecules (odours) is done through adsorption of these particles in the activated carbon pellets. The use of cylinders provide a higher capacity as well as efficiency. Optional to be installed with an after filter to capture potential detached carbon particles.
  • 5-Fan module An energy efficient, backward inclined centrifugal fan. Powered and belt driven, by a heavy duty electro motor. Mounted on a support base with vibration dampers.

    Ecology Unit- The New Age Air Filtration System for Commercial Setup

    To ensure smooth functioning in the kitchen unit of any commercial space like hotel, restaurant, pub or bar, it should be made equipped with right accessories. And in the commercial kitchen accessories air filtration unit play a vital role. It eliminates the contaminated air from inside the kitchen. The ecology unit designed by our expert engineers is one of the latest and smart devices for air filtration.

    The ecology system has many features that can take your breath for some time. Some of the wonderful attributed of ecology air filtration system are

    • It can be installed in any kind of space. The filtration system can be installed in buildings as well as in commercial kitchen to remove bad odor and smell at the same time.

    • The ecology unit eliminates odor from kitchen instead of making it with the help different harmful chemicals.

    • Multiple kitchen units can be integrated with the single ecology unit and air filtration of all the attached kitchens could be attained without any hiccups.

    • The ecology air filtration unit has the efficiency level of 90 percent. Means, it can easily clean odor, smoke and other contamination from the place where it is installed.

    The Technical Specifications of Ecology Air Filter

    1 - The pre-filters made of stainless steel material are used for safety and also to capture of big size air-borne particles. The pre-filter attached with one of the best Ecology unit in UAE help equal distribution of air in the system before it reaches the bag filters.

    2 - The ecology air filter has high efficiency. It consists of pleated bag filters and the medium consisting of glass fibre, this one of the prime Ecology air filter in UAE are used to filter the even the fine particles from the air stream.

    3 - The presence of Electrostatic Precipitator in the ecology unit ensures a filtration of finer particles. The One of the best Ecology system in UAEhas been designed by the experts’ in-order to maintain filtration when heavy loads are there in the commercial kitchen.

    4-The ecology air filter use the concept of activated carbon filtration of gaseous molecules. It follows the adsorption process in the activated carbon pellets.