ESP Unit


Our Electrostatic Precipitators - ESP- have been specifically designed for kitchen extract systems and have integral

ESP Remove fine grease particles, cooking fumes and smoke and odour efficiently, economically and safely with the AAWFS largest selection of commercial electrostatic filters. Grease created from the cooking process is is highly flammable. This pollutants build up inside your commercial kitchen exhaust duct increasing the risk of fire. Our very efficient Electrostatic precipitator will filter this grease and other contaminant hence reducing the risk of fire in the duct. Electrostatic air filter operation is also extremely energy efficient.

Our ESP range includes:

  • ESP 1500E which can handle up to 0.7m3 /sec of air flow
  • ESP 3000E which can handle up to 1.4m3 /sec of air flow
  • ESP 4500E which can handle up to 2.1m3 /sec of air flow
  • ESP 6000E which can handle up to 2.8m3 /sec of air flow

ESP Filtration System – Best TO Be Used For Commercial use

The commercial kitchens are different from domestic kitchens in many ways. Therefore, its requirements are also different. And when it comes to filtration system, then it is obvious that, it need a much efficient and featured system.

As a manufacturer of high end commercial kitchen filtration system we continuously endeavor to come up with latest technology and in our efforts we have developed the electrostatic precipitator filtration system. These air filtration systems are packed with features meeting the need of commercial kitchen setup and we are one of the leading suppliers of electrostatic precipitator in UAE.

What Makes the Electrostatic precipitator So Magnificent

The Electrostatic air purifier has been specifically designed for new age kitchen extract systems.

The ESP kitchen filtration system has the prowess of efficiently removing the fine grease particles, smoke, cooking fumes and odor.

These ESP kitchen filtration systems are economic and embedded with safety features.

The commercial electrostatic filters are effective in removing grease created from the cooking process in the commercial kitchen. The grease created in the kitchen is highly flammable. The ESP kitchen filtration system by removing the these grease from the kitchen make it safe.In addition to that, thepollutants that build up inside the commercial kitchen are also highly flammable and its presence in kitchen increases the risk of fire. Our efficient Electrostatic filters are capable of grabbing these pollutants and contamination and throwing it out. Out ESP filtration systems are the best Electrostatic air purifiers in UAE and it is extremely energy efficient as well.

To buy some of the best ESP kitchen filtration in UAE, you can get in touch with the sales team of airfiltrationdubai.

We assure you that this is the place where you will get the perfect solution for your commercial kitchen setup as we offer a huge range of Electrostatic filters in UAE.