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Range of direct drive backward curved centrifugal cabinet fans designed for ventilation of commercial kitchens and

Range of direct drive backward curved centrifugal cabinet fans designed for ventilation of commercial kitchens and industrial applications Commercial Fans suitable for commercial kitchen extraction or industrial use extremely quiet. Used to exhaust air in Commercial and Institutional applications, such as restrooms, conference rooms, offices, storage areas, restaurants, retail stores, schools, and similar buildings where high-capacity ventilation is required. Suitable for Kitchen installations.Commercial kitchen fans have their own requirements and selection is dependent on the hood, filters and duct length.

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Kitchen ventilation is the part of ventilation whose core function is to treat air from the kitchens. Airfiltraton dubai offers the ventilation range for commercial setups of different size and design. The Industrial air filtration for commercial setup prevents the problems of smoke, odors and grease, which are profound in commercial setups and cannot be handled by simple and domestic ventilation system.

Equipment that is used in kitchen ventilation has parts attached to it that help in air extraction or filtration. The system uses a canopy, extractor hood and a filtering system. In this type of ventilation system, the fan either remains attached within the kitchen or with the duct system placed nearby.

We have a huge range of direct drive backward curved centrifugal cabinet ventilation fans designed by our expert engineers. These backward curved centrifugal cabinet fans are the perfect fit for Industrial air filtration.

Some Of The Profound Features Of This Filtration System Are

• These are used in commercial setup and thus it is designed meticulously understanding the need of industrial air filtration requirement. It creates almost no sound when in run.

• These are the highly efficient Kitchen ventilation in UAE and remove any amount of dust, smoke and fumes and odor from the place.

• The systems best for institutional and commercial applications, such as conference rooms, restrooms, storage areas, offices, restaurants, schools, buildings and retail stores.

• It can be installed at the place where high-capacity ventilation is needed.

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We have big range of products that has power features. We supply that best in class products that fulfills the requirement of all types of commercial kitchen.